Kempo Karate Jujitsu

Black Belt Requirements

First Kempo Black Belt Family in 35 years
Jannessa, Randy, Camila, Melinda Dannenfelser

Our History

Our system came from the late Grandmaster Donald Fong from China handed down to Grandmaster Tim Gasper.  Grandmaster Tim Gasper bestowed the rank and certification of Professorship 8th (dan) degree Black Belt on Master Taningco in 1998.

Left: Black Belt Test, Summer 2006. Right: Wes leads youth and adult evening Kempo class.

Master Taningco is the only student to ever continue his studies under Grandmaster Gasper for over 26 years! Grandmaster Gasper has integrated the arts of Chinese Shaolin Kung-fu, Okinawan Kempo Karate-do, Judo and Jujitsu.  Prior to Grandmaster Gasper’s guidance, Master Taningco studied Okinawan Shotokan Karate and Weaponries under his older brother Master Alex Taningco.

Chinese martial arts dates back over 3,000 years ago.   There are over 1,000 styles of Kung-Fu and Kempo or Kempo system today.  Our Tama Ryu Kempo Karate System is an eclectic and traditional technique.  It is simplified yet more challenging to learn than other Karate systems today.  Kempo is aggressive and easier to learn than the traditional Chinese Kung-fu, which we offer separately.


It is a very effective self-defense art against multiple attackers. Tama Ryu Kempo Karate students not only learn effective hand techniques, trapping and into throwing techniques and submission locks.  It also emphasizes great range of kicking techniques.


Karate for Children

Our programs are based not only on developing the self discipline, self-confidence, respect and self-esteem that better prepares them (and you) for the challenges that lie ahead in life, but also on positive thinking and attitude.


Children come to TAMA Kempo Karate for many reasons. Concerned parents become tired of seeing their youngsters being abused and intimidated by school-yard bullies. Many physicians, teachers and counselors recommend Karate as a way to help youngsters achieve greater social, physical, mental and emotional growth. Children who are physically clumsy, overweight, awkward or “all arms and legs” develop agility, grace, coordination and a positive self-image through karate’s physical and mental training. As Karate skill is developed, self-confidence is greatly increased until, finally, the school-yard bullies’ look for someone less confident and self-assured to pick on. Confident children are not victims, they feel no need to demonstrate their physical superiority, and are very unlikely to abuse their skills.

Through the self discipline that karate students learn, children develop an increase in attention span, and an ability to “sit still” and learn. As their Karate skills improve, so does their self-image. Children become more willing to try to excel and their fear of failure is diminished. The achievement of the various Karate belt colors provide a short-term goal structure that teaches children to be success oriented. At TAMA Kempo all children are successful; some just advance more quickly than others.

The Benefits of Martial Arts for Kids 
By Nancy Christie ( Better Homes and Gardens Magazine )

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