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TAMA Martial Arts Center Celebrates 43rd Year In Dayton Area!

TAMA Martial Arts Center is truly dedicated to the development and improvement in the field of martial arts established since 1976 in the Dayton Metropolitan area. The premier in mixed martial arts since 1976 that brought Muay Thai Kickboxing, Kenpo Karate, Traditional Chinese Martial Arts-Tien Shan Pai Kung-Fu, Tai-Chi, Kobudo Training, Filipino Kali, Aikijutsu, Traditiional Jiu-Jitsu and Qi-Gong.

Through proper methodology and studies, continuous research and fine tuning of practical self-defense application, we will lead you on “the road to self-discovery.” Helping students build their self-confidence and life skill sets. Developing champions from within. Developing their life skills to succeed in life.

An institute for higher learning and tradition of excellence in the martial arts and its ideas, one will find it easy to grow with the highest expectations possible. Our pledge to help one’s discovery is also our passion and commitment in our teachings at TAMA Center.

TAMA can be rewarding and challenge through any of the separate subjects we teach. Though students at TAMA have the option to cross train in as many other disciplines as they wish. With our pioneering spirit and a quest to be the best that you can be, join us in our adventure together in MARTIAL ARTS training.

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